Friday, February 21, 2014

Just llike GOD

When I was disheartened and all alone,
You gave me strength to carry on.
When everyone left me, you're by my side,
I knew you'd always give me a shelter to hide.

Many a times I blamed you for all wrongs,
But still you inspired me to carry on.
That was all I needed, at that time,
Some one to tell me - 'Things will be Fine'

Though we never talk, but I told you everything,
And I cant express the happiness it brings.
I hope you know, how much I depend on you,
I want you to be my guiding light all through.

People might call you by myriad names,
Put your picture in different frames.
For me you are my faith, my authentic part,
I worship you and have your picture in my heart.

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