Sunday, March 18, 2012

I stand besides my window watching the sky fall down, Drop By Drop.

The clouds thunder, as if calling me. If I turn, I feel they almost pat me. I ignore them. it throws lightening at me, as if i cant hear. I ignore them. I let it seep in me. Drop By Drop.

Why is it raining out of season? I know they came looking for me. Like always. To cry with me or rather to make me cry, once more. They never left me alone. I ignore them. But they seep inside me Drop By Drop.

My heart is unable to keep up with my non chalant ways and it sinks. I feel choked, suffocated but i don't show it on my face. All the memories came alive in front of my eyes. Everything - Drop By Drop.

I'm angry now. I stare at the clouds. Go away. It starts pouring heavily. As if they know I'm angry. They get what they wanted. My pain through my eyes - Drop By Drop.

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