Friday, August 14, 2009

kambakht Ishq

I am the wife of my Hero. I used to be a thinker, a writer, a painter n lot more but now most importantly i am a part of him. And i am so submerged in it that it feels impossible to go back n find my old self. This blog is one of those attempts.
Not that being in love with him is not fulfilling. It is. With each passing day i go more deep and deep and deep. but loosing my own self is scary... Its like m going away from myself.
Everyday I'm more in love with him. I think of him when I'm travelling. I dream about dancing with him like when you first time fall in love. I wait for him like mad. I talk to him when he is not around. I wait for the night, to sleep in his arms and wish the morning should come a little late. I need him like a baby needs his mother..... arggghhh .. m i getting obsessed? I don't know. I don't even know whether its normal. but my friends don't behave like this. i mean we are already two years married but still my urge to get more of him never ceases.
I hope I'm not eating up on his space. And I'm scared of loosing my individuality and end up being his shadow.
But its so uncontrollable. I continue to let him take control of me and be mesmerise by him. kambakht Ishq !

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