Friday, April 2, 2010

One early morning feeling

A strange feeling of nothingness,
neither good nor bad,
a stillness, continuous numbness,
neither happy nor sad.

Sitting in my balcony, staring at the horizon,
n0thing to do, nowhere go,
I dont want anyone to break this trance
i need no company for sometime more.

Is it satisfaction or is it emptiness?
or both blend into one?
it doesn't really matter today
as i care to understand none

In few hours life will start its usual course,
and i will be lost in the day,
I will not bother to think about myself
in so much of detail.


  1. I think I have been doing that lately myself. Sigh.

  2. hmm Strange phase.. or mood .. i dont know what to call it... just that its takes over you without even you knowing it.... :-)